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www.ibbc.co.in is viewed by tens of thousands of individuals every day. These are professionals, bankers, investment advisers, students and company executives. We would be delighted to offer you the opportunity of placing details of offers on the site that you may have such as:
  • Loans that you have to offer
  • New Products
  • Services
  • Courses
  • Personnel you require
  • Anything else
We offer these at the following extremely
reasonable prices.
  • Rs. 150 per month
  • Rs 400 per quarter
  • Rs 750 for 6 months
Information that you would like placed on the site should be sent to us in the specific format/ dimensions

Note: If you submit an image that exceeds the said dimensions, you authorize us to resize the image to fit the Ad space. We will scale/resize the image so as to not lose the aspect ratio ad hence not affect quality of the image
  • Horizontal banner
    Maximum Height - 100px / Maximum Width - 400px
  • Vertical banner
    Maximum Height - 350px / Maximum Width - 120px
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